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Are We Right For You ?

At Executive Planning, we’re specialists in helping real people plan for the future. Not just a future with a certain number, a future that represents the life you want for you and your family.

Here’s more to see if we’re right for you:


1. I want service from objective financial professionals who aren’t paid on commission.

Executive Planning is a fee-based, fiduciary advisory firm, meaning we put your interests first. All our team members are paid a salary, so there’s absolutely no incentive to push any products.

2. I want someone who helps me plan for the future, then helps me make sure I stay on track.

There’s a lot of distance between a plan and making it happen.  We’re here to help you stay accountable to your own dreams!

3. I want access to Proprietary Funds

Executive Planning Portfolios are constructed with a combination  of Vanguard Funds and Dimensional Funds , which are not available to retail investors.  We believe this line up offers the best value proposition in the fund industry.

4. I want to really understand my finances and not just listen to an advisor talk at me with  “Wall  Street” jargon

Some advisors prefer clients not ask questions.  Not at Executive Planning.  Instead, we know that engaged, interested clients are the ones most likely to achieve their goals.  We’re here to help you understand your money so you can achieve what you dream about.

5. I want my investment to be turnkey so I don’t have to worry about them.

Executive Planning Portfolios are simple to use.  Once you are invested with us, we take care of portfolio monitoring, fund selection, trading, and ongoing re-balancing.  You can have confidence that your portfolio will continue to adjust to market fluctuations so that it consistently targets your chosen investment objective.

6. I want to be able to track my investment where ever I am, whenever I want. 

You will always have access to your investments 24/7 via our online portal or phone app, so take that trip and enjoy your life. Login in wherever your life takes you.

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Our Globally Diversified Portfolios

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We Focus On More Than Just Your Investments.  We Help You:

  • Create a investment plan to fit your needs and risk tolerances
  • Diversify Globally
  • Manage Expenses, Turnover, and Taxes
  • Stay disciplined through market dips and swings
  • Get clear on what you really want out of your future
  • Continually work together with you to keep you on track to your dreams