“We don’t try to out-think the markets, instead we practice smart diversification and let the markets work for us ”

                                                              Jason J. Dynan

    Entrepreneur, Multi-Million Dollar Money Manager

Meet Jason J Dynan

Founder of Executive Planning LLC and Registered Investment Advisor

After starting, growing, and eventually selling a multi- million dollar health care company, Jason attempted to identify a qualified advisor who would provide unbiased guidance on global investment opportunities for his newfound fortune. Unable to identify a qualified professional who would offer truly independent advice without with excessively high fees, Jason decided to take matters into his own hands and embarked on a journey to help others with similar needs. Jason’s passion is to help everyday people achieve their financial goals and maximize their wealth. We have created a customized, easy-to-use and secure investment platform using a dynamic implementation process that integrates Nobel Prize-Winning research, portfolio design, portfolio management, low fees and efficient trading.

Executive Planning was founded on the principle of placing the clients’ best interests above all others. 

Under Jason’s guidance, the entire Executive Planning team pledges to always act with skill, transparency, diligence and sound professional judgement and avoiding all conflicts of interests.