“High Fees are eroding your 401(k) savings and putting your retirement at risk. Not knowing what you are paying could be devastating to your future . Its time to take action and make your money work for you, not in your brokers pocket.”

                                                              Jason J. Dynan

Meet Jason J Dynan

Founder of Executive Planning LLC, Investor and Registered Investment Advisor

Jason is a successful serial entrepreneur starting 3 Multi-Million Dollar companies in completely different industries by age 40. He truly understands small businesses and the many challenges they face. While owning and running his large healthcare company he saw how time-consuming, expensive and difficult it was to properly run a 401(k). Not to mention the added legal and fiduciary responsibility placed on the business owner.   So, after the sale of his last company he was on a mission to improve the 401(k) from the ground up, centralizing administration and compliance tasks while automating others. Eliminating the return eroding middleman, cutting out unnecessary fees and costs.  We believe companies  of any size should be able to offer quality low- cost, well-run 401(k)s that help secure their employees’ financial futures without wasting hours into administration  or putting them at risk for costly compliance or fiduciary penalties.

Executive Planning was founded on the principle of placing the clients’ best interests above all others. 

Under Jason’s guidance, the entire Executive Planning team pledges to always act with skill, transparency, diligence and sound professional judgement and avoiding all conflicts of interests.