We Can Typically Save You 40% or More Compared to Your Current Plan:

Executive Planning believes in complete transparency, period.  We will provide you with a All-in Fee Report that shows the actual total cost for your plan.  You will always know exactly what you and your participants are paying  for. With administration/ record keeping fixed pricing based on the number of participants your all in fee may decrease based on the growth of plan assets. You have the option to choose whether these fees are paid by you, your participants , or a combination of both.


Find Your Fees

The 3 Fees When Switching to Executive Planning

Operating Expense Ratio
of the Funds

Operating expense ratio of the funds. The gross expense ratio is the compilation of expense ratios of the funds we use in the construction of our portfolios and ranges  There are no loads (commissions) or 12b – 1 fees associated with Vanguard.

Our Asset
Management Fee

Exec Planning is a fee only Registered Investment Advisor. This allows us to be free from conflicts.  Our fee above is the only way we compensated.

Bundled Annual Service Fee

Pricing with Vanguard Retirement Plan Assets per participant fee varies upon number of participants per plan.