Executive Planning has a Transparent
Approach to Fees:

A Ultra Low Fee of

50 Basis Points  (0.50%) Annually o

The Only 3 Fees You will Ever be Charged, Ever!

Operating Expense Ratio
of the Funds

Operating expense ratio of the funds. The gross expense ratio is the compilation of expense ratios of the funds we use in the construction of our portfolios and ranges from .17% to .53%. There are no loads (commissions) or 12b – 1 fees associated with DFA Funds Dimentional Funds (www.dfaus.com)

Our Asset
Management Fee

Exec Planning is a fee only Registered Investment Advisor. This allows us to be free from conflicts.  Our fixed .50% annual fee is the only way we compensated.

Custodial Cost
for Transactions

Exec Planning has negotiated a ultra low rate of $9.99 transaction fee each time a trade is placed. There are zero set up fees.